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Jon James Bowcutt was born in Ogden, Utah, in 1953. Raised in Orem, he continued his education at the University of Utah where he received a BFA 1982 and MFA 1986. Both of his fine art degrees are in painting and drawing. He received the Alvin Gittens Figurative Fellowship for his master's program and taught courses at the University of Utah and Dixie College. Jon has had a wide variety of vocational experiences; Rougneck, Wrangler, Firefighter, Cartographer, Illustrator, Carpenter and Curator. More recently he has run a division for a log home
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manufacturer and manages residential construction projects. He has two children, T.C. and Hannah, and lives with his wife Alison in the scenic Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana.

Jon's landscape paintings reflect a love and respect of our natural surroundings. Most depict a specific place but appeal to a broader emotional connection we all have with our environment. His figure work is descriptive of the essential characteristics he finds in his subjects. They reveal qualities that sometimes go unseen but tell the sitter's story in a new light.

His hope is that through his art work he can share experiences and enlighten the viewer to a different way of perceiving and interpreting the truth and beauty that surrounds us.